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people who put the video link in a little “x” under their gifs are my favourite kind of people


Day 1 of September’s #SizeDoesn’tMatter Yoga Challenge: Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

I recorded a short video of this pose, including a mermaid pose variation and a transition into tomorrow’s pose (bridge pose)- Check it out!

Want a little more instruction? Check out the Yoga Journal Pose Index.

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Looks like it’s not happy, less you open a vein. Seymour doodle :v

Ohhhhhhhh my goooooddddddddddd!!!!!!!!


Wonder Woman and the Legion of Super-Heroes by Paul Sizer


persona 5 is finally released for japan. some lucky americans import the game, excited to share the details before the official english translation is out. after the opening cutscene shown from the trailer, yu narukami takes off his black wig and glasses and takes the train back to inaba


Tank Girl.


I was practicing yesterday only to wake up this morning with the end of this scenario missing from my file.  So I left out the script which would have no context without the rest lol but basically they’re playing Spin The Bottle/Truth or Dare to pass the time and on top of that, Annie and May Gunn make a bet wagering a dozen muffins while Hudson cant figure out how he ended up agreeing to play.